Hiking Tips in Oahu

The island of Oahu has many beautiful hiking trails whether you are looking for a intense work out or a scenic walk, there is something for everyone.
Our team at Il Lupino love to eat but "You can't eat your cake, and have it too", we keep fit by being active!
Here are some of our favorite hiking spots.
Lanikai Pillboxes
Located in Kailua, it is a local and tourist favorite, famous for its incredible view that looks down to Lanikai Beach.
There are very limited parking near by and some road signs do not state the road rules clear so be careful when parking.
The path is rocky and at times steep but at the end you get a very beautiful view that is worth all the hard work.
It is best to avoid this hike the day after it has been rained as it will be very muddy.
Koko Crater Trail 
At Il Lupino we call this ‘stair master on steroids’ it is has straight up stairs, 1048 of them. The stairs are actually an old railway track that was used during World War II to transfer supplies to workers at the top.
This is a very rewarding hike as once you get to the top you see the most beautiful view of Hanauma Bay!
Go in the morning or late afternoon to beat the heat.
Kuliouou Ridge Trail
This hike takes about 3 hours and after rain it can be very muddy but it is worth it for the view.
It is located in a residential area so parking is hard to find.
Wear good shoes and bring plenty of water. We usually hike up and run down which is a good cardio workout.